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 Waiheke Bridge Club Newsletter – February 2020
As advised our handicaps now change according to your results (see attached – note with a different handicap for Tuesdays and Wednesdays); we amended today’s results to take the new handicap into account.  This should mean a more even playing field for all of us. We will change the handicaps at the end of each four-week competition . The new handicaps are based on the date from 1 January 2020-25 January 2020 and are calculated by computer and based only on  results from after 1 January. 2020. If you haven’t played you will have a handicap nearer to zero but this will change as you play.
Please if you have a bad cold or cough can you consider not coming to bridge. Also if you travel to a country with the coronavirus please consider whether you should self-quarantine on your return. We are also going to provide hand sanitiser (when we can find some) so everyone can use it before playing and after lunch on Tuesdays.

Would Juniors be interested in a 15-minute lesson after bridge on Tuesdays combined with an afternoon tea provided by the club. If so let Jane know.
Interclub starts in March – we have 1 Junior and 2 Intermediate teams and wish them all the best. Also thanks to Auckland Northland Bri9dge Club for providing us with funds for members to travel by ferry to interclub and to Jill and club members for taxi funds..
The committee has decided that non members of our club may play four times at our club and then have to pay a subscription. If they belong to another bridge club or only come to New Zealand for a short time then they need only pay a sub of $30.
We will post our Minutes on the club website from now on.
Waiheke Bridge Club committee

January 2020 newsletter
Welcome to another year of great bridge on Waiheke.
Just a reminder to confirm with partners that they’re available for the entire session before a new session starts. For Tuesday if you need partners contact Sue Humphrey and for Wednesday’s it’s Steve Meeking.

The committee has made a new appointment- an official Tosser. Once you’re seated Chris Curreen will go to each table and toss. Heads winners will always sit north south (unless there is a medical reason or the director appoints people north south at the end of a session).

Subs are now due. Please pay your $50 sub – online to 12 3114 0066474 00
or to Jan at the club.

Our AGM will be at 6pm on Wednesday 25 February – please note in your diaries..(since updated to 6 May)

There have been complaints about people smoking in the hall entrance – please would smokers and vapers now smoke in the car park.

Please would everyone help to clean up tables after bridge and put your cups in the dishwasher. Also shut the doors later if you open them in the far room.

Please do greet people at tables but after you pick up the cards if you can keep noise down and play to time it makes for better bridge for everyone – especially our directors.

New handicaps will be in place next week. We are changing back to a computer generated system based on performance over the year.

Glenda and Jan have been implementing new accounting methods for our books that will make life easier for our treasurer. The club accounts for the past year have gone to our auditor.
Cheers Bridge Committee

Waiheke Bridge Club in 2020 at a Glance

Club Sessions – Formal Tuesday and Wednesday Sessions are formal competitions, with the opportunity to participate in the NZBridge Master Points scheme.

*Tuesday Sessions <8-10  tables in 2020

*Wednesday Sessions < 8 tables in 2020

Club Sessions – Social *Fri Afternoons – beginners – 1-3pm


Sponsorship LifeCare Residences – Waiheke Retirement Village $1000 for 2019 WBC tournament
Waiheke Annual Tournament


Babich Nation-Wide Pairs

WBC at Palm Beach and Babich at CMC.

WBC Tournament 46 players registered (14 Tables)

Babich 30 players ( 7+ Tables)

Waiheke place-getters listed in national Babich results.

Monthly Inter-Club Auckland 3 Teams – 1 Open,2 Intermediate, 1 Junior; (12 participants)
Grants in 2020 Auckland/Northland Bridge – Inter-Club Travel


Venue/Space The Club has enjoyed shared space at the Catherine Mitchell Arts Centre (CMAC) with 9 other Clubs for 26 years. From 2018 Studio2 was confirmed for our use, as needed, to accommodate increased numbers Tues/Wed.

Waiheke Bridge Club is a member of the NZ Bridge Association, which governs the game in NZ as a member of the World Bridge Federation. In 2020 Waiheke Bridge Club was incorporated and became the Waiheke Bridge Club Inc  on 8 July 2020


Jane Parlane 26 February 2020