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Robyn and Jenny (right)

Marion Arlidge and Elspeth Spence turned heads at the Tuesday end of year Waiheke Bridge Club party in their bridge outfits.

President Jenny Alford presented prizes and received a bouquet from Robyn Clerk on behalf of the members for all the work she has done on behalf of members during the year.

Waiheke bridge pair selected for Auckland – Northland team

Warren Cardno and Steve Meeking have been selected to represent the Auckland – Northland region in the national inter-provincial bridge championships later this month.

“This is a huge honour and great news for our small but vibrant club.” says Waiheke Bridge Club president Jenny Alford. “We are extremely proud of the pair.”

Annual Tournament

Results from the Waiheke annual tournament held on 4 November:

1     (1792)  PEER BACH                (36035) LANELL MONREAL…1         66.51      62.34    64.42

2     (1514)  ANNA POWELL…1          (39344) DAVE GARRETT               68.91      54.81    61.86

3=    (34168) TRACEY HOFF…3          (34169) RAEWYN GRYLLS-THOMAS       58.01      62.66    60.34

3=    (29858) STEPHEN MEEKING…3      (31178) JOHN DEWSNIP               56.25      64.42    60.34

5     (4355)  GEOFFREY SEDON…3       (21761) ESTELLE ARTS               57.53      59.78    58.65

6     (4538)  PAUL GRIMMER…1         (30952) JEANETTE GRIMMER           54.65      58.81    56.73

7     (9903)  SUSAN BELIN…1          (34120) MARION ARLIDGE             52.24      52.24    52.24

8=    (38988) ANNETTE MARTIN…4       (40074) BARBARA IMLACH             53.21      50.32    51.76

8=    (43882) PREM SOUNDRA…3         (45154) HAFIZUR KHAN               48.88      54.65    51.76

10    (21294) LINLEY SCOTT             (31105) LOUISE SCOTT…3           50.00      50.80    50.40

11    (31068) CATHY CARROLL            (44616) CAROLINE GRIFFIN…4       53.37      46.96    50.16

12    (31195) MOIRA MCGUINNESS         (32497) JENNY ALFORD               49.52      50.32    49.92

13    (14252) MARGARET HONEYBONE       (21146) PRU ROBERTSON…2          48.72      50.00    49.36

14    (10275) BARRY BELIN              (31057) ANTHONY WILSON…1         52.08      45.99    49.04

15    (19732) WARREN CARDNO            (31186) JILL PATTERSON…3         53.37      44.39    48.88

16    (23154) ELAINE BENTLEY           (28151) HELENE LABRECHE…1        51.76      45.67    48.72

17    (31069) CHRISTIANE HEPBURN…4   (37962) CHRIS CURREEN              41.83      55.13    48.48

18    (31185) JOHN PATTERSON           (31187) OWEN FOSTER                47.76      46.63    47.20

19    (4571)  BEV DONALDSON            (31092) JAN MCQUARRIE…3          46.47      45.67    46.07

20=   (33804) CHRIS GLYDE…4          (41748) MARIA CASCI                44.55      46.79    45.67

20=   (31176) CATHERINE CAMP           (31184) TOM MULVEY                 42.15      49.20    45.67

22    (28399) JILL BIGNELL             (28400) JILL KILBY                 50.00      40.54    45.27

23    (1161)  DAVID SLOAN              (1162)  GLENDA MCLEOD              38.14      51.76    44.95

24    (31103) LIZ WELCH…4            (31135) PRISCILLA TOBIN            42.47      42.15    42.31

25    (31205) JOHN HUMPHREY            (31207) SUE HUMPHREY               29.01      40.87    34.94

26    (1163)  JANE GRIFFITH            (31188) ANNA REES                  42.63      27.08    34.86

Waiheke victorious

Waiheke returned from their annual battle against the Royale Epsom Bridge Club in Auckland on 4 August with a golden cup in hand. Twenty-six people played for Waiheke – the largest contingent to date – and included the four honorary members of the club – Nancy and Greg Davenport (now Thames residents) and Tracey Mancer and Joan Millen (now Whakamarama).

Waiheke’s star pair were Jill Patterson and Warren Cardno, followed by and Steve Meeking and John Dewsnip and with Moira McGuinness and Vernon Tupper winning the prize for nearest 50%.

“It’s always a fun occasion with dinner at Meadow Restaurant beforehand and the hospitality of Angela Royle and the members of the host bridge club,” Waiheke Bridge Club president Jenny Alford said. “it provides our members with the opportunity to travel to the city as a team to compete against a city club, as do other sports teams.”

Learn bridge on Waiheke

Twelve beginners recently graduated from a series of bridge lessons run by Chris Curreen and the club welcomed four of those players to its last Wednesday session. Beginners or people wanting to return to bridge can also play on Fridays with June from 1pm at the Catherine Mitchell Centre.

From left: Bridge beginners , Glenda McLeod, Chris Curreen (teacher, Jack and Vera Ryda.

Bridge club on top

After four sessions the Waiheke Bridge Club is leading both the Junior and Intermediate sections of the 2017 Auckland interclub bridge competition. The Waiheke Sharks team intermediate team included Warren Cardno, Barry Belin, Chris Curreen and Tom Mulvey and the Waiheke Orcas – Jenny Alford, Marie Bymolt, Jane Parlane and Owen Foster.

The intermediate Waiheke Gulfers – Lou Scott, Steve Meeking, Cathy Carroll and Christiane Hepburn are placed 10th.

 Grant for new electronic system

The Waiheke Bridge Club is also delighted to announce it has just received funding for a new dealing system from Pub Charity. They have granted $4000 for the new machine. Pub Charity supports groups and organisations using funds raised in gaming machines in hotels and taverns throughout New Zealand.

“The bridge club’s current machine was bought second hand five years ago and recently has needed hours of support from members just to keep it going,” club president Jenny Alford said. “We are absolutely delighted with the grant. We shall buy the new machine soon and ease it in gently as it will be a more sophisticated system than our current one.”

Most bridge clubs have dealing machines linked to software which also provides electronic scoring that is then posted to a website or emailed to members.

“The new Waiheke machine will do that and provide more information on hands for members,” Jenny said.

 Bridge club honours Lynda

Jill Patterson, Martyn Halsall and Lou Scott winners of the Lynda Grey Trophy 2017

Our Summer Pairs competition is to be renamed the Lynda Grey Pairs in memory of Lynda Grey who died suddenlythis year. The competition was won by Martyn Halsall and Jill Patterson with Lou Scott as a sub. They were the first recipients of The Lynda Grey Memorial Trophy presented to the club by Liz Welch whohas left the island. Liz was farewelled by the club with a lunch after bridge and presented with Waiheke Bridge Club cards and some special glasses. Liz was very involved in the bridge club as a player and committee member, always helping at our tournaments, and we’ll miss her delicious Christmas cakes, humour and friendship. We wish her and George the best in their new life off Waiheke.

Waiheke’s Intermediate bridge team rose from bottom of the table to take top honours in the 2016 Auckland-wide interclub competition. The two junior teams also performed well with the Waiheke Orcas coming third and the Dolphins 12th out of 20 teams.
Waiheke’s Intermediate bridge team rose from bottom of the table to take top honours in the 2016 Auckland-wide interclub competition. The two junior teams also performed well with the Waiheke Orcas coming third and the Dolphins 12th out of 20 teams.

Team takes top Auckland honours

Waiheke’s Intermediate bridge team rose from bottom of the table to take top honours in the 2016 Auckland-wide interclub competition


The win was all the sweeter after the intermediate team finished bottom in their first year of play in 2015. The team of Sue and Barry Bellin, Jill Patterson and Warren Cardno won every match this year but the last was possibly the most stressful even though it was a decisive win. “After winning all year we didn’t want to ruin it all with a bad ending,” Jill Patterson said, while filling the cup with Champagne on the late night ferry home to Waiheke.

Waiheke’s two junior bridge teams cheered as the results were announced to the 200 interclub players from throughout Auckland. The junior teams also performed well this year with the Waiheke Orcas coming third and the Dolphins 12th out of 20 teams.

 Farewell to Joan and Tracey

The Bridge Club were sad to see Joan Millen and Tracey Mancer depart for the Bay of Plenty. Both have been stalwarts of the club for many years and enthusiastic players. Joan was treasurer for years and Tracey director. We wish them all the best for their new life off the island.

A big thanks to our local board

Bridge winter sessions are warmer now thanks to the Waiheke Local Board which has provided a grant of $4315 to pay to insulate the Catherine Mitchell Arts Centre. Centre members held a working bee to clear out cma picunder the hall before the insulation was installed.


From left: Helping at the working bee Tom Glass, Shonagh Byrne and Jane Parlane


Thriving club

Our membership keeps climbing with new players coming to live on the island and through the classes held by Sue Bellin with Wednesday night refreshers by Tom Mulvey.

 Warren Cardno (left) and Anthony WilsonThe Waiheke Bridge club celebrated with a Christmas party again at the Carey Bayhome of Dina Goldman where the club’s prize winners were announced. More than 60 people applauded Tuesday Championship winners Steve Meeking and Warren Cardno. Wednesday night Waiheke Pairs winners were Priscilla Tobin and Owen Foster.

Warren Cardno ended an excellent year by winning the Lisa memorial trophy for the Tuesday play Individual winner (donated by Lynn Anderson) and the Individual Founders Ladder trophy played on Wednesdays.

Warren Cardno

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