Results are now posted to the Bridge New Zealand site – via our scoring system. Please provide an email to scorers if you are a visitor  and want to see the results.

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Tuesday results
Lynda Grey Pairs 1st Bob Grover & Chris Curreen

2nd Louise Scott & Marion Arlridge

3rd Barry Chisholm & Felicity Hannay

(Liz Welch Trophy)  
Onetangi Pairs 1st Holger Henze & Carola Cullum (sub Brenda Campbell)

2nd  John Dewsnip & Steve Meeking

3rd Elspeth Spence & Priscilla Tobin

Autumn Pairs
Surfdale Pairs
Munro Pairs
Brett Memorial
Rangitoto Pairs
Kennedy Point
Mayes Pairs
Gulf Individual
(Lisa’s Trophy)  
Championship Pairs


Wednesday results

New Year’s Pairs
Ostend Pairs  1st Chris Curreen & Felicity Hannay

2nd Christiane Hepburn & Ian Wilson

3rd David Sloan & Glenda McLeod

Anzac Pairs 1st Barry Chisholm & Felicity Hannay (sub Tom Mulvey)

2nd Priscilla Tobin & Sue Humphrey

3rd Owen Foster & Johan Visser (sub Anthony Wilson)


Putiki Pairs
Davenport Pairs  (Davenport Trophy)
Arscott Memorial
Matiatia Pairs
Greenhill Pairs
Te Toki Pairs
Rocky Bay Pairs
Founders Ladder    (Lisa’s Trophy)
Waiheke Pairs